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1. How do you arrived in IWS?
Erik: I met El Dinamico at a show in Barcelona in the spring of 2003. I was later invited to Italy and IWS.

2, What has hit to you of the wrestling, why has chosen to dedicate your life to this sport?
Erik: Wrestling is a spectacular sport and I love doing it.

3. In one your biography I read that six state and you make part of many federations between which are for you that more important?
Erik: I am happy to wrestle for different federations. They have different styles and different wrestlers. That's more challenging for me than wrestling one style for only one federation.

4, Do you never had a moment in your career from wrestler in which you have thought to stop it?
Erik: Sometimes, but I love wrestling too much to stop doing it.

5. yours finisher… explains it in the details?
Erik: I have no particular finisher. I simply use a hold or move that finish the match. I will use my techniques, my power or my ability to fly around. In Italy I have used the "Isaksen driver" quite a few times to win my matches. It is a fireman's carry moving into a sitdown bodyslam.

6. Which have been your masters?
Erik: A lot of wrestlers have given me training and advice over the years, such as some of England's best like Doc Dean, Robbie Brookside and James Mason.

7. Your family... supports to you or is contrary to this sport that it practices?
Erik: They are happy that I do well in wrestling, but they also know it is a dangerous sport and would probably be even happier if I stopped doing it.

9. How much counts for you the fans in your sport?
Erik: The fans are important in wrestling.

10. Illustrious us your future obiettivi/piani?
Erik: I have many plans for the future. There are dreams within wrestling that I have not achieved yet, and I will work hard to realise those dreams.

11. You have other sports that get passionate to you in your life or it appeals to alone the wrestling to you?
Erik: I don't have time to follow many sports. I will some sports on TV from time to time but not very much.

12, What of tasks dell'italia and of its people?
Erik: I like Italy. Last summer, I was on holidays in Italy not far away from Venezia.

13, What you feel of still being able to give to the world of the wrestling and to the IWS?
Erik: I work hard to give wrestling fans the best possible matches wherever I wrestle.

14. Six inspired to you from young person or tutt'ora to some wrestler already asserted... type to someone of the WWE...
Erik: When I was a kid, Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat and the British Bulldogs were some of my favourites. As a wrestler, I have been inspired by different wrestling styles, especially the British style of wrestling.

15. According to your opinion who is one of the more amazing detections of the IWS?
Erik: Daniel Sebastian is amazing and was only 17 years old when he first appeared for IWS. He was trained by me.

16. Instead always according to you who is the wrestler of the IWS from which attended other performances, more positive means.?
Erik: It is hard for me to choose one, but I highly respect a number of the wrestlers in IWS.

17. I have read that you have disputed many encounter, c'è some match that memories in particular in negative or positive? 18. Your greater satisfaction and your disappointment more strongly that you have tried from when a six wrestler qual'è be?
Erik: my best IWS memory is my win against Aquiles at the Mazda Palace in Turin, but I have also enjoyed wrestling Makoto Morimitsu.
Wrestling on the New-Japan event in Milan thank IWS. My most memorable match must be to win the European Championship in Oslo. I defeated Bernard Vandamme from Belgium. To win the Norwegian Championship for the first time from Bjørn Sem in a very hard match was also highly memorable.

19. Also to you as to others I ask for giving some council to the govani that they dream to become wrestler and they train motion in order to come true itself.....?
Erik: If someone wants to become a wrestler, they must show true dedication, train hard and listen well to their instructors and people giving advice.

20. You could list to us to someone of the titles them that you have won?
Erik:IWS Intercontinental Championship (twice), I have won the European Championship (Eurostars), and Norwegian Championship (twice). At one time, I had all the titles at the same time!

thanks of your availability... !!

Erik: It was a pleasure. I hope to wrestle in Italy again this year, and I hope the Italian fans will give me a lot of support:-)


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